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Snapdeal goes digital; reduces travel expenses by half

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017 8:19 pm

New Delhi: Snapdeal, India’s largest online marketplace, witnessed a 50 percent drop in travel expenses through an increasing trend of online meetings among teams. Snapdeal has been encouraging a culture of efficiency through all office operations and as a part of it, both intra and inter office meetings and external appointments are being held online.

Technology is at the heart of Snapdeal and the same reflects in its operations as well. The teams at Snapdeal have had access to the state of art CISCO tele¬conferencing and have been using it for multi location large meeting. But recently in the last few months, employees have started to use WhatsApp video call and FaceTime for quicker resolutions and action points without physical meetings.

An increasing number of vendor, business partners, sellers and team meetings are being conducted over these new age communication apps and softwares. The practice has not only resulted in notable savings in travel expenses but has also enabled a more efficient use of man hours avoiding the travel hassles for physical meetings.

“At Snapdeal, we are steadily and decidedly moving towards profitability and we believe everyone and everything has a part to play in that. Small changes in operational routines can make big leaps for the organisation’s quest of efficiency. The drop in our travel expenditure is one marvellous example of the same. We are committed to efficiency and several progressive and creative practices by our teams are leading to enhanced productivity and effectiveness,” said Saurabh Nigam, Senior Vice President – Human Resources

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